April 15, 2008

No, I'm NOT pregnant. Just hormonal.

A little while ago, I registered Erich for a weekly music class at the community REC center. I missed a chunk of the first class (although SO not my fault. It was all on Marc). Then last week, my mom was visiting and I just plain forgot. Finally, this morning, I arrived right on time for a class that I thought started at 10. We walked in to every one happily packing up their bags and strollers. I then remembered the class began at 9, and playgroup started at 10, and I - completely disgusted with myself - flipped a 180 out the door and prayed that no body saw us.

I felt like such a failure that I almost broke out in tears as we walked out to the parking lot. Seriously, is there something wrong with me that I can't make it on time to Erich's ONE weekly commitment*? Also, since this is a class I already paid for, it's just money down the toilet**. I was putting Erich in his car seat when I decided that I really didn't want to go home and admit defeat. I paused and thought about going to the store or somewhere else when I looked up and saw a playground. So off the pair of us went to climb and slide and have a pretty good time.

But here's the clincher, the real point of this boring post. On my drive home, on a narrow, two lane side street, I came across a really bad accident. Two ambulances, one fire truck, and 5 police cars all with their lights on. A smashed up truck and trailer were one side of the road, and a crumpled up sedan was on the other, surrounded by a stretcher and several men prying out the passenger. While my heart goes out to the victims and I hope they're okay, my thoughts are still pretty selfish and I can't help but wonder how long it must have taken for the response team to get there and how long they had been there before I drove past.. 20, 30 minutes? The same amount of time we spent at the park? And I know it's a long shot that Erich and I could've shared the same fate, but it still makes me wonder. And it makes me feel a whole lot better about being an airhead.

*Playgroups don't count because they're free. And everyone else is late, too!
**Sure, all the proceeds go to help fund community programs, but what about ME?


Natalie C. said...

Oh my gosh. Your heart must have stopped. I'm so glad you guys weren't in the wrong place at the wrong time!

buddens said...

I am consistently 10 - 15 minutes late. Everywhere. And every time I think there must be something terrible I'm avoiding and it makes me feel better too!

Glad you and Rocky Road are safe, regardless of your timeliness.

Chris said...

Sad days. I'm so glad you waited (it gives me a stomach ache to think about what could have been).

On a happier note, you do way more with Erich than I'll ever do with Eli (i.e. neighborhood playgroup, ward playgroup, German playgroup, music class) so don't worry, you're a great "mama" regardless of tardiness.

Chris said...

Oh and this is Becca, not Chris

Marc said...

I love you wife, overactive imagination and all.

Marc said...

PS - I'm glad you're safe.

melbo said...

Becca, you're very kind but I actually don't make it to many playgroups either, although I've been making an effort because Erich wants more and more to go OUT! You'll do the same when Eli gets cabin fever, too. :)