April 17, 2008

i heart poop.

If you know me at all, you probably know that I have something of a poop obsession. So you understand why I have to share this post with you from my sister's blog. I've also decided that poop is funniest when it doesn't happen to you. I'm still rolling on the floor on this one!! (My sympathies are with you, C.)

p.s. - "Poopsucka" is an endearing term we call each other, created by my nephew (to the great delight of his aunts and mother) when he was learning his first words. The child is a comedic genius!


volcom_LC said...

i am absolutely horrified! this would be the exact reason why ethan always, and i mean always! has a onesie on during bed time. OH MY GOSH!!!!!

Marc said...

Two words: Freaking Gross

Bailey said...

I find poop to be incredibly funny too. Thanks for the laugh!

Anie Baker said...

I love poop too and have witnessed one such occurrence. Not with my own child thank heavens, but never say never!! :-)

I think I'll use the tip from above and always have her in a onesie when she sleeps!