January 19, 2008

The Prince of Darkness

While working at the spa a couple weeks ago, I made a quick stop at the front desk. Suddenly one of my coworkers turned to me and spa-screamed “That’s Ozzy Osborne!” I quickly scanned the lobby but I only saw a large black man in street clothes and a lady with long black hair wearing a robe.

Assuming the girl didn’t know what she was talking about (seriously, not to stereotype, but do Hispanics even listen to heavy metal?), I told her that’s not Ozzy, that’s a big black guy! On second glance, however, I realized that standing next to him wasn’t just an ugly old lady, that was the Prince of Darkness himself! He looked just like himself, too, glasses and all. I think it was the robe that threw me off at first – the reason why I diverted my eyes so quickly. If I could choose which celebrity I would like to have standing 15 feet from me in a bathrobe, it probably wouldn’t be Ozzy, but heck, it’s still cool!

Apparently his highness performed at the Verizon Center that night with Rob Zombie, and was suffering from the flu. He was so sick, he was drinking tea onstage and spraying his throat after every song. That must have been his motivation to visit our little spa. We didn’t seem to help him out much, though. What a trooper!

January 4, 2008

Still feeling the butterflies, after all these years

January 2nd marked Marc & my 4 year wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we stuffed our faces with a 5 course meal at a schmanzy restaurant in Las Vegas (effectively shattering about 5 different new years resolutions). As we raised our non-alcoholic pomegranate spritzers to praise our achievement, my husband gave the greatest toast ever.
"Here's to four more years of wedded bliss!" he beamed.
The toast seemed to lack something in the realm of "eternal happiness". But although it seemed silly at first, I suppose when you're dealing with as much love and elation as we do, our blissful state can seem a tad mind-boggling. And if want to keep our feet on the ground, we may need to contemplate our rapture in shorter intervals. Good thinking, Hun.

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