November 22, 2008

Interview about Bilingualism

I was recently interviewed by the owner of Alphabet Garten, an online German-language bookstore for children. For anyone interested in our efforts in learning German and teaching teaching it to Erich, you can read the full text of the interview here, at her blog.

November 9, 2008

Amazon's Top 10 - Because I pretend to care.

I subscribe to emails because I like to believe that I'm a "reader". Sadly though, I am not. At least not anymore; I definitely was in my pre-parenting days. I do have a couple books I've been working on slowly (i.e. a parenting book I started this summer and a book club book from last May... I haven't been to book club since.) In my view, reading is a luxury I simply can't make time for - except for the Twilight series. I somehow managed to make time for that.

At any rate, I thought I'd share this:'s top ten books of 2008. Not only haven't I read any of them, but I haven't even HEARD of any of them. I feel so out of touch right now.

Top 100 Editors' Picks Out of the thousands of new releases that came into our cubicles this year, we've chosen our 100 favorites, from an elegant pop-up alphabet and a deliciously dishy guide to fragance to an enthralling biography of an iconic leader and an encyclopedic history of a sport and the world that plays it. Here's our top 10:

The Northern Clemency 1. The Northern Clemency

Hurry Down Sunshine 2. Hurry Down Sunshine

Nixonland 3. Nixonland

The Forever War 4. The Forever War

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle 5. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

The Likeness 6. The Likeness

Serena 7. Serena

So Brave, Young, and Handsome 8. So Brave, Young, and Handsome

The Lazarus Project 9. The Lazarus Project

The Ten-Cent Plague 10. The Ten-Cent Plague

November 3, 2008

One Day More

Even though things didn't turn out so great for Marius and the revolutionaries, I couldn't resist posting this. (Thanks, Annie! :) )