March 17, 2009

"You really could afford to talk more."

The same guy that once said to me: "You're really pretty, but it's because of your personality," also once told me: "You know, you really could afford to talk more." I wanted to tell him that he really could afford to talk less. But he was my boyfriend's best friend, and I didn't want to start a fight, even though that boy was the King of back-handed compliments. Nevertheless, that comment has always stayed with me.

To this day, I often wonder if I'm expressing myself enough, or if I really could "afford" to say more. I used to be a shy kid, but I'm pleased to say that the more life I've experienced, the more confident and emboldened I've become. These days when I have something to say in a social or classroom setting, I generally say it. I have even reached a certain level of confidence where, although I'm not clever enough to do this often, I'll say something slightly off - that will, at the very least, make one person in the room smile to themselves while purposely avoiding eye contact. It feels good.

I am very aware that on occasion, things I say aren't always as hilarious to other people as they are in my head. But that awareness, I've decided, is just the price of individuality. I've discovered that it's extremely satisfying to knock my own socks off - everyone else is just a bonus. I also seem to have unconsciously made it a goal to become really good at witty banter. I'm still working on it, but paired up with the core personal belief that I'm actually really quite hilarious, I'm sure I'll go far.

The fact of the matter is, if you think I'm less than mildly entertaining, then it just means you don't know me very well. I am most definitely more than mildly entertaining. In fact, I constantly remind my husband that he is severely missing out by not staying abreast on every word I type on my various stay-at-home-mom social outlets such as Facebook, Google Talk and Twitter (follow me, if you dare: melbohn). When he finally catches up, I do declare he is never disappointed. Neither am I.


annie said...

i think i'm funny, too.

and you most definitely are hilarious.

Greg said...

Often, people who think you should talk more just want validation that their chattiness is normal.
When it comes to humor, I usually prefer the well placed "shot" to the scattergun technique. I've seen you do that before. In fact, you are a humor sniper!

Kaimi said...

Ooh! Was it Tyson? Cause if so, that's just because he likes making people cry. At least, so I gather from what I see on TV.

(Was the boyfriend Marc? Did he at least offer to tackle his friend and put him in a headlock, as retaliation for picking on his best girl?)

I've never met you (or Marc) IRL, so for all I know you're a hopeless dork in person. But you seem just fine online, witty and articulate and friendly. (But not one of the annoying people who is obsessed with their own wittiness and tries to speak every sentence in Buffy talk.) You're doing fine, and definitely a step above just mildly entertaining.

Of course, this is coming from a guy who reads long law or religion or history books in his spare time, so, take it with an appropriate dose of salt . . . ;)

Marc said...

How could I not think you're funny? What with you reminding me all the time.

jill said...

This post just proves once more how clever you are lady.

Smithers said...

If I lived by you I know I'd be hanging on your every word. I think people who are bright and witty are usually the ones who keep it to themselves. That makes those who know them appreaciate it even more.