March 23, 2009

The First Great American Hotdog Launch.

The First Great American Hotdog Launch was created and hosted by my fabulous friend Erin. Unfortunately, Marc & I were unable to attend this competition of ingenuity and might, and were forced to hold our own tournament.

P.S. - My second throw got 36'. Marc conveniently chose not to record that.


Alice said...

That is one fine flying dog! Dressed to the 9s.

annie said...

you guys really are just plain awesome.

um...will you make me a superdog outfit? OR even BETTER, make one for ERICH!!! (ps so impressed with the helmet, cape, etc. never seen a better dressed dawg)

Tami said...

Ahhemmm...well that was entertaining, are these always the types of things you guys do for excitement out there?! ;-)