April 2, 2008

Beware of this Binky!!

The RaZbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier is a binky designed to shut closed when falling on the floor to, well, keep it clean. It's certainly a novel idea, so I bought one at CVS last year and decided it was pretty cool. Erich could pick it up off the floor, open the shields, and stick it in his own mouth with no hurried cleaning by mama. Plus it looked like Nemo and matched his hair. Suh-weet! Well, the honeymoon ended last week however, when I went to Erich's crib one morning to find his little security blanket shattered into 5 pieces... next to his head! Imagine my horror as I checked to make sure he hadn't swallowed anything.

I was unable to reach anyone by phone, but following is the email I sent to RaZbaby's customer service department.

Customer Service Agent,

I am very upset about your "Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier". When my 14-month-old son awoke in the morning a few days ago, I went to his crib and discovered your KIK Pacifier broken into 5 pieces right next to his head. I don't know how it broke, but the fact of the matter is, this product is too fragile and hazardous for children. I hate to think of what could have happened had he awoken and felt around him in the middle of the night or if I had waited longer to enter his room. This could have been a lethal situation had my son ingested any of those pieces. There were two pieces in particular that gave me tremendous cause for concern: the nipple, which would have blocked his windpipe instantly, and a small, sharp, metal ring. The ring is not much larger than a Cheerio, but the damage and internal bleeding it could cause is sickening. Hypothetically, if my son had ingested that ring and nothing else, I would have examined all other pieces and assumed that nothing was missing. If he began crying I would have had no idea what type of internal damage was occurring and may not have realized that he needed immediate medical attention.

The Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier that you have on the market is extremely dangerous and inappropriate for use by any child, especially infants. I plan to tell everyone I know not to purchase this product until the item has been recalled and all potentially hazardous parts have been removed.
Shattered Nemo:

Frankly, that email doesn't express the complete anger I felt, but I decided it would be more productive to portray myself as the diplomatic-yet-horrified parent as opposed to a psychotic enraged one. Well, one of the owners, Aida, emailed me back right away and then called me this morning. She was very nice and professional, apologizing profusely, saying they have never received a complaint like this, and went into great detail explaining their rigorous testing processes (these include stepping on, running over, and throwing the pacifiers against cement walls). She seemed to feel that my binky was defective and requested that I send it back to their company for testing in their lab, while she sends me a full refund. I told her I was still concerned that the nipple, ring and base weren't one piece, and that separately they still presented a choking hazard. Her response was that they recently updated the model and secured the ring into the shield so it wouldn't come out. But still... it's metal. And that nipple could soo easily block a windpipe. And, as sympathetic as she may be, after playing out the scenerio of 'what if's' in my head, my consumer confidence may never be regained.

Aida said she'll keep me updated on the labs findings. Overall, I'm glad she was so interested in examining the binky to figure out their mistake, but I still feel it's my duty to warn everyone I know about the possible dangers of using this pacifier. Sorry RaZbaby, but it's my responsibility; at least it's cheaper than your unlikely recall.

This is the only shot I could find of Erich sporting his KIK paci. (It also happens to be an excellent representation of his fly dance moves.)


Alifinale said...

I have never heard of these. But yeah, moving parts and sleeping kids doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Glad he didn't encounter any of the possible scenarios that you thought of.

Bailey said...

SCARY! Scout refuses to take a binky but I will let other mothers know about it. By the way Erich looks so handsome in his Easter best!

buddens said...

I've seen those many times and thought of buying them myself ... glad now that I never did. It will be interesting to see their findings.

And Erich's dance moves are pretty rockin'. Love that kid.

volcom_LC said...

ethan had one of these when we was little. it didn't last long- he would push the binky half way out of his month and it would close on his face.
the binkies are a good idea in theory, but the definitely need some fine tuning..

Marc said...

It's scandalous... any chance you know a good lawyer?

Anonymous said...

The operativr word being "good."

Anonymous said...

I thought this product would be great for my 14 month old when I saw another mom had it, so I went out and bougght 5 of them with high hopes.

However, within 3 hours my son got injured in his lip when he fell with the Keep-It-Kleen pacifier and began to bleed rapidly with a pool of blood beside him. It was very scary!!! I almosty went to the emergency room, but managed to get the blleding to stop after ten minutes or so...

Your child will likely fall down and some point while walking, etc. and if they have the pacifier in their mouth it may cause some extensive damage to the upper, lower lip internally or externally.

I contacted the company and they were suppose to send me some information in the mail and to no avail have I received anything from them.

Not impressed with the level of concern and curious how many other children will be injured and tramatized from this...

Concerned Mom

melbo said...

Anonymous - I'm so glad you found my post. I never did hear anything back from the company after they promised to examine my broken pacifier. I honestly wonder if they just didn't want it in my possession anymore. I too am very disappointed with their company and can't believe your son got injured a whole year and a half later! Obviously they haven't made any improvements to their product.

I'm relieved your son is okay and that no serious harm came to him.

Best wishes, Melbo