November 14, 2007

cute, Cute, CUTE!

So I've been spending Marc's hard-earned money on shoes for Erich. I found this super cute site and ohmygawsh, you HAVE to check out my latest aquisitions:

Rileyroos Sportie in "Wahoo" and "Butterscotch"

They are freakin'
awesome. And even cuter in real life - if you can even believe it! Seriously, since I got them in the mail last week, Little E has worn these puppies everywhere. And they're more than just fashionable, when he wears them he can actually stand on his own for up to 15 seconds! Woo-hoo! (Bare-footed he still tries to walk tippytoed.) Also, just for fun I got a couple of these. Holy crap, my kid is so cute!


Marc said...

Melbo + Credit Card = Trouble

buddens said...

What a cute site! Those shoes really ARE awesome! I'm very proud of you for finding super cute boy stuff -- that's a tough one to do! But I can't say I'm with you on putting a little boy in leg warmers ... I'd have to see it first before I could decide what I really think.

Alifinale said...

Very cute shoes and yes you do have a cute kid. Let see him in his leg warmers.

Chris said...

Missy, I wouldn't credit your child's ability to stand for 15 seconds to his shoes. That's like saying puma's make you run faster because there is a picture of a fast cat leaping and bounding on them. Erich has a rich skill set: walking like a paralyzed mannequin, pushing buttons, squawking/shrieking like a Raptor, and overall just being cute. In defense of your son, I would say that his ability to stand is more his own than the shoes'. Furthermore, please consider the rigorous exercise regime to which he has submitted the last six months...all that jumping has to have amounted to something.

Thanks for dinner.

melbo said...

You're right, Chris. Erich is just awesome/360. I should give credit where credit is due and my hyperactive little muffin is in league of his own.

Also, you are very welcome.