October 19, 2007

Not a “Housewife”: a “Woman on Vacation”

So am I the world’s most undependable blogger or what? At least you can’t say I didn’t warn you all I would take another hiatus someday… Suddenly, though I feel the need to express myself more, and I’m pretty sure it’s a direct result of recently switching my day job from a full-time Rubber to a full-time Mudder. (Hey, it almost rhymes.)

I love being home. I have a theory that some women need to spend most of their time around the home and some need to spend most of it doing anything else. My sister and I are perfect examples of this. She’s home with her 3 month old and losing her mind. She loves one on one time with her little boy but the down time is killing her. She actually said to me: “I mean, how many more drawers can I organize before losing my mind?!” I told her to get a dog or write a blog. She decided she’ll try to start a business.

On the other hand, I have every minute of my day planned to maximize my home time. This does NOT mean I’m lazy, People. I still work Saturdays - to keep life interesting and the hotel discounts coming – I’m taking a 5 credit German class, and I keep up on chores and errands. (Okay, okay, so I called a maid. But I do run the errands.) I just love to be at home. I leave for class at the last possible second and come home right after. I run with the dog so he’ll sleep and cuddle with me while I do my homework. I run errands with Erich while he naps so I can let him crawl around my feet while I clean. I fold laundry in front of the TV because I want to watch TV curled on the couch without feeling guilty (so what if it takes twice as long :P). And best of all, I get to see and catch up with friends. I can go out to lunch, chat online, pop over to the neighbors, make phone calls, etc. I didn’t notice how anti-social I used to be while I was working. My worn out line was: “Oh, I can’t, I have to work.” Not anymore! And although I do plan on going back to work or school again, it may be from home and will certainly be on my own terms.. because this freedom deal is addictive. *

*Of course, behind every woman with freedom is a man without it, so this post is dedicated to my Sugar Daddy. Ich liebe dich, Husband, esq.


Marc said...

So I should rid myself of the notion that all you do is sit at home and long for me?

BA said...

Ali always tells me how much work it is staying home. I called the other day to see how a Doctor's Appointment had gone and she seemed a little distracted. I asked what was going on and she said, "Oh Christi and Emily are over and we're watching The Office and Gossip Girl."


Alifinale said...

BA, that is a once in awhile treat. And while I did have two friends over watching TV (I love having DVR and friends that don't so they have to come to my house to watch TV) I was also "on the clock" working. Also, you can't stand it if I leave for an hour while Emers is still awake. Wah, wah wah.

Being home is definitely a happy thing. However, I do need to stay busy and interact with people because it can be kind of boring if you are stuck at your house all day with a kid that can't say much.

Congrats on being able to cut back on the "out of home" work.

melbo said...

I love it when couples have "discussions" on other peoples blogs. Marc and I do it all the time, as if we couldn't just talk to each other. But why would I correct him in private and let anyone else believe he's right? More power to ya, Ali.

buddens said...

I am so calling a maid the second Michel graduates! I can keep things tidy but the cleaning typically gets ahead of me and I often can't catch it! Too bad we don't live closer and we could plan oodles of super educational play dates for our kiddies. (Ha!)