April 15, 2007

Various Stages of Mormondom

I just made a guest post on a blog called Various Stages of Mormondom. It’s a site devoted to discussing issues from the perspectives of people in various stages of Mormonism, ranging from fully active to atheist. A weekly topic is assigned and each person has their day to shine, while a guest blogger is invited to post every Sunday. I was invited to participate as today on the topic of Resurrection.

You can check it out here:

Various Stages of Mormondom

If nothing else, make sure to tune in to the site next Sunday. Marc will be bringing the house down.


Alifinale said...

Way to go Melbo. I really like what you wrote. Thanks for sharing.

Alice said...

I like what you wrote as well, what a great first guest blogg post. I hope you have many more in you.

buddens said...

I looked for Marc's post, but I didn't see it. Am I just not looking in the right place? BTW, I read yours from last week and thought it was really good.

Marc said...

Finals hit harder than I though and so someone subbed for me... hope you weren't too disappointed!