January 15, 2006

If I Could Save Time In A Bottle

I have big plans for myself. Sometimes I wonder if they’re too big. See, I haven’t made much progress on the plans I made years ago, and my excuse is pretty awful… Here it is, World:

I don’t have time.

It makes me feel lame. Sheepish. Embarrassed. Pathetic. It’s a horrible excuse, but life gets crazy. We all know how it is. I hate time. But since lists help me manage my time, here is list of things I can’t manage to find the time for:

  1. Check my email and blog daily. People besides my husband actually do that, right?

  1. “The Website.” I have an idea for my very own dotcom. I’d rather not give details, not that I don’t trust you, but... well, okay, I really don’t. Suffice it to say that if I have my way, I will someday be the Willy Wonka of Published Wonders.

  1. Open my own spa. I’m 3 years into my 5 year plan, so expect it soon.

  1. Get a potter’s wheel and throw pots in my basement. I want to make beautiful art, and Marc wants to re-enact Ghost. Hey, whatever gets me the wheel.

  1. Run another marathon THIS year. I’ve had a sufficient break from running my first and only marathon 4 years ago. I won’t let you down, TFB!!

  1. Write a book or two… or three? First, “How to Receive the Ultimate Spa Experience”-full of massage do’s and don’ts (many of which I plan to include in my blog), along with interviews with “the pros” and personal anecdotes. Second, my autobiography. I’ve experienced some crazy stuff, and even if no one reads it, it will be interesting to re-live. I’ll probably have it published after I die anyway. Or write it under a pen name. Or maybe I’ll just squeeze it onto a postcard.

  1. Go to college and study business or marketing… or writing? Heck, why not all three?

  1. My own NPO. Someday I’ll create a non-profit organization geared towards bringing under-privileged kids and their overworked parents closer through art, music and massage; all activities parents and kids can do together far, far away from the TV. The jam sessions will have to be in a room far from the infant massage class, and things will get messy pottery and painting room, but it will be beautiful. Incredibly time consuming? You betcha. Lobbying local corporations and their mothers for donations and free materials on top of running a center? May have to wait for retirement.

So there they are. My major goals. Wish me luck and lots and lots of time.


Alice said...

I think you should make 7 easy on yourself and study P.R. then you get to market businesses by writing about them… get it all covered in one clean sweep. Just an idea!

BTW… I would like to be one of your first customers at the spa, can I make a reservation now? Alice at noon on January 19, 2008?

melbo said...

You're on the books! Just so you know we have a 2 year cancellation policy, so if you cancel now, you'll either have to pay full price or give me a massage. Thanks for choosing our spa!

Marc said...

I call I get to have final say on the hiring of therapists! The screening process will be very thorough... every applicant will have to prove their mettle to me personally. Come to think of it... one massage might not be enough. I'll probably need to receive several from each before I'm able to make an accurate assessment.

melbo said...

Well then you're lucky I'm passing out jobs on an "I call" basis. Anyone else?

Gargantus said...

If i work for you, do i have to come to work or can i just get paid?

melbo said...

You have to have a sweet skill. Girls only like guys who have great skills.