December 18, 2005

Today in Primary

I co-teach 6 year olds in primary. Today we learned about baptism.

Teacher: "When we are baptized, we go completely under the water. So we say we are 'baptized by' what?"

Kid #1: "Inversion!"

Kid #2: "By a virgin?!"

Kid #3: "I'M A VIRGIN!"

Trust me, the live version was classic. Can I please see that on TiVo after I die?
My thoughts? Good for you, Kid. We must be teaching you something right after all.


melbo said...

And just what are you teaching him again?

Mrs. McDreamy said...

I am impressed that the 6-yr-olds knew what a virgin is! That is sweet. Kids say the darndest things.

My 3 yr old neice got out of the bath and my sister told her to run downstairs to put on her clean underwear (laundry day), and my neice cried, "But Mom, I don't people to see my China!"

melbo said...

How cute!
Hmmm... it looks like mr Marc is posting under my ID (please see above comment from "me")...

Marc said...

That's my comment up top by the way... apparently Melissa was still signed in when I commented.

erin said...

This is Erin. I liked your top ten list. I'm looking forward to dinner now bc it smells really really good. If you haven't tried Melissa's cooking - you should!

Marc said...

Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Erin's "stream of consciousness."