November 23, 2005

Trust Issues

Recent conversation with my husband:

"Marc, were those girls from Orem High?"

"Why do you want to know?"

Whoa! A little paranoid?!

"I'm was just wondering, did they go to Orem High?"

"No, you'll put it on your blog."

"I'm not telling anybody, it was brought up and now I'm curious. How did you even know those girls? Did you go to school with them or what?"

"I read your blog and saw that question, so you can understand why I assume you're going to post it."

What's this?! Now, I'm offended. So suddenly I have no discretion?? Why the secrets? What other information does he keep from me while I'm at a keyboard?

My retort:
"It's not your place to withhold information from me because you assume I'll do something with it. Just tell me," I said. It was a knee jerk defense. I said it boldly enough, but will it actually work?

Slack-jaw. Dumbfounded expression. He's not sure how to respond. And the woman in me is loving every beautiful second of it.

"Damn, woman! I forgot I was your bitch!," he mustered in his best goofball voice.

It made me smile. Hey, he didn't say I was wrong, did he?


Mind Spewer said...

But did he give you the essential information...i.e. Were those Orem High girls?

melbo said...

No they weren't, and I'm told you wouldn't know them anyway. (No big loss, I tell ya) But somehow I'll get a picture of it to you so you can judge yourself.

melbo said...

So the fun part to this is that Marc wouldn't tell me because he thought I would put the answer in my blog. So I wrote a blog about it. And put his answer in the comments. ;)

Marc said...

And one wonders why I have trust issues...

Mrs. McDreamy said...

The best part is that if he didn't make such a fuss about you putting it on the site then you probably would never have thought to put it on. You dug your own hole marcky marc.

melbo said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, Ali.

Mike Bohn said...

You have a gift. Yer perfect!