May 20, 2008

Bloody Sippy Cups!

And I don't mean bloody in the I-scraped-my-knee way, I mean bloody in the I'm-censoring-my-blog-slightly-from-what-I-really-want-to-title-it way.

I actually made it to Erich's music class this morning! Unfortunately, we didn't make through in the door. For the record, I've decided that this class was a total waste of money. We only made it to half the classes and when we did, all Erich wanted to do was play with the weights while I sang The Wheels on the Bus to whatever other kid was next to me. The only entertaining (and equally annoying) part was this mom that kept talking in a loud baby voice to her son - and following each comment with a guttural "Nanny" laugh. And I've never seen so many "stay at home moms" wear business attire on a regular basis. It was just weird I tell ya.

Anyway, when I pulled Erich out of the car I felt that his butt was soaking wet. I saw the sippy cup next to him, realized what happened, and decided to go in anyway. By the time we got to the building my arm was also drenched, so I put him down and evaluated the damage. The kid looked like I hadn't changed his diaper in days (or a cloth diaper in 6 hours, but that's another post). The entire butt and sides of his light blue jeans were deep blue, so I decided to go back home - fuming at those cursed sippy cups.

I'm curious to hear what others would have done. Would you go home or stick it out? I feel totally comfortable stripping Erich to his diaper or just telling everyone "don't worry, it's only juice!" in playgroup
(and indeed I have), but these weren't pals of mine. And no, the Rec Center doesn't sell clothes; I checked before throwing in the towel.

And another question: does anyone know of a sippy cup that does NOT leak? I probably have about 10, and of those, Erich will only drink out of 5. They are all straw cups and they ALL leak. It drives us crazy. Marc even threw one away in a fit of rage last weekend after it soaked his pants. He felt guilty after I told him it was Erich's favorite cup, so he fished it out of the trash and we gave it a good washing when we got home. But how pathetic are we that we keep these cups that bring us so much misery just because Erich refuses to drink from anything else? I keep thinking I'd like to all of the cups with some that don't leak, and make Erich deal with it, but... do they exist? I'm doubtful.


{lizzythebotanist} said...

yeah, sippy cups pretty much suck. nash was really picky about the ones he'd use too-i went through all different kinds. he finally decided he likes nuby's, but they are more of a transitional sippy-so he still has to suck or squeeze the spout thingy. the plus side is that they rarely leak-although nash is quite careful about setting them down upright (i worked on this with him cause he kept throwing them and i got sick of bending over with my belly!). good luck in your quest!

buddens said...

I don't know of any that NEVER leak, but there are some that leak less than others. The Playtex ones seem to not leak too badly -- but these are the Playtex ones with regular sippers, not the straws. Gretta used to love the straw ones too, but we just eventually weaned her off them. If all that's available is something different than his favorite, he'll eventually get thirsty enough to just use it. Good luck!

volcom_LC said...

sippy cups are the pits. we've yet to find a non-leaking cup which just means i rarely leave him alone with one. in fact, we are mostly just using regular tumblers these days so he pretty well knows to ask for a drink and then i watch until he's done or wants more.
the joys!! let us know what you come up with...!

becca said...

Yeah, whenever I babysit my jeans get wet:) Maybe by the time Eli can sip someone will get a clue and invent one that works!

Ryann said...

Straw sippy cups are the worst. I have a friend that ditched all of her sippy cups for the Nalgene water bottles. her 20 month old loves them. I think that I'll be copying her soon!

Alifinale said...

I never introduced a straw sippy for the very fear that she would only want that. The Nuby hard plastic ones are the worst. I like Playtex and haven't had problems with those and the Gerber ones are ok too as long as the stopper stays put which means you have to teach them not to throw the sippy. Good will get better.

Fowler family said...

Oh man Missy, I would have done the same as you- trucked it back home. I too have been in some classes like that at the rec center (arlington), and it can feel oddly "cold" when you have a day where things just aren't together.

I don't have much advice for sippy cups. All of ours leak too.