April 28, 2008

Home Improvement and My Mom

I always love it when my mom comes to visit from Wisconsin. We get to hang out, play with Erich, go shopping, she washes my dishes.. and Marc's favorite: she fixes up our house. I'm telling you, this woman is a machine, a do-it-herself-er through and through. Unfortunately, I don't share her adeptness or desire for home repairs, but I swear I'm the best bucket and flashlight holder this side of the Mississippi! When she came out here a few weeks ago, our #1 project was the garden. It took a couple of years, but I think I've finally learned the difference between annuals and perennials. Here's finished product (I know, I'm terrible about putting the hose back!):

We then took a well deserved break to see the cherry blossoms in DC.

Then she and my dad spent a few hours digging a nail clippers out of the garbage disposal (I still call it wasn't my fault). Notice me holding the flashlight and covering my face like a pro.

Then we tore it up. The yard, that is. Because apparently dog urine kills grass. Actually, this is something we knew quite well, but laziness won us over far too often, resulting in a plot of dirt and dead, yellow crud. Marc & I finally got fed up with being the white trash of the neighborhood, so Maw & I removed all of the acidic garbage and gave the remaining dirt a good toiling.

But the sod came in a few days late, and my teacher had to go home, leaving me to finish the job.. alone*. And guess what: I DID IT! I bought and laid down the sod all by myself**. And if that isn't wild enough, I MOWED IT last week. I suppose I might have a little of my mama in me afterall.

* If you're asking why I had to do this alone, then you've never been married to a lawyer.
** Our neighbors leave a bunch of random stuff(i.e. a birdhouse, tiles, shoes..) on their front porch at all times. Please don't take that as a reflection on us.


Marc said...

Look on the bright side honey... once we get these damn student loan payments off our backs maybe we'll be able to afford a gardener.

Alifinale said...

Does your mom want to come to my house? Except maybe we should wait until we move to a house we own. Looks like you guys did great things and I am sooo impressed that you laid sod and mowed the lawn. Lawyer or not - Marc is a slacker for not doing it or helping. Doesn't he know the rules about being a husband include laying sod? I think you are a trooper.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

funny-last night i got the nesting urge to get my yard into shape. that and the fact that steven will be leaving me for five weeks (two before and three after the baby comes) to do everything by myself so i better get stuff done while he's here...anyway. and i was thinking the neighbors must think steve is a regular tool: there i am for three hours weeding, trimming, pruning, etc., all with my pregnant belly. huffing and puffing. all because of law school. my mom is one independent woman for the same reason, so it's just a matter of life to me.

so proud of your sodding and gardening skills!

Marc said...

Ali - Hmmm... You're sure throwing there term 'slacker' around pretty liberally. Melbo could have had me help... I think she just didn't feel like laying sod at 10pm in the dark.

buddens said...

Looks awesome! It's always great to have extra help! And for me at this point, help from the non-pregnant is priceless! Usually I love manual labor but at this point, I'll start something, work for five minutes, realize how tired I am, then go rest.

Mary said...

Missy, looks great. Love it.

Ben & Brynn said...

I am so impressed, it looks so good! Yeah for Mom's and Dad's. Nail clippers in the disposal? I want to hear that story/explanation!