February 28, 2008

Update on Sam

I received this last week:

This week Sam moved out of the Surgical ICU and into the Neurological Care Unit. He now has feeling down to his wrists. His breathing has also improved. He's still on oxygen, but not having to use a ventilator. And, because he doesn't have a ventilator, he is able to eat (although he's not too thrilled about hospital food). On Tuesday Sam said, "Ashley, I'm not going to be a cripple. I'm going to walk again."
And this one is from yesterday:
Sam has recently been moved to the new Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah. He will begin his first day of rehab tomorrow. He will be there for at least 3 months.
Also, the website www.donateforsam.org has been redone and his wife, Ashley, is posting updates there on his progress.
Thanks everyone for all of your prayers and support!!