January 4, 2008

Still feeling the butterflies, after all these years

January 2nd marked Marc & my 4 year wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we stuffed our faces with a 5 course meal at a schmanzy restaurant in Las Vegas (effectively shattering about 5 different new years resolutions). As we raised our non-alcoholic pomegranate spritzers to praise our achievement, my husband gave the greatest toast ever.
"Here's to four more years of wedded bliss!" he beamed.
The toast seemed to lack something in the realm of "eternal happiness". But although it seemed silly at first, I suppose when you're dealing with as much love and elation as we do, our blissful state can seem a tad mind-boggling. And if want to keep our feet on the ground, we may need to contemplate our rapture in shorter intervals. Good thinking, Hun.

the proposal


buddens said...

I think I'm going to gag a little from all the cheese, but Happy Anniversary! I'm going to go out on a limb and wish you EIGHT more years of wedded bliss.

melbo said...

Yeah, well, its easier to swallow your own cheese than someone else's.

(that's what she said)

Marc said...

Hey... in my defense, if I'd wished us a happy eternity would you be blogging about it now?

Mike Bohn said...

Congrats you 2

Alifinale said...

Happy Anniversary! Marc is always looking for a way to spin his actions so he looks like he said that on purpose. Good luck with the next 4 years!

voLCom said...

congrats bohn's! it was great to see you guys on new years!