July 7, 2006

...and by the way, I never did find the spider.

Did I park too close to that other car? "Perhaps," I thought the other day as I contorted my body to inch out of the driver's side door. But just how close is too close?

Well, I'll tell you what too close is. Too close is squeezing your way back to that door in the middle of the night only to bulldoze a spider web with your face. That, my friends, is
too close.


Marc said...

Come to think of it... I never found that spider I brushed off your side of the bed either.

verniciousknids said...

"I hate being an arachnid...everyone hates me...I'm always the villain...yet people don't realise that my main purpose is eating gross bugs that the bipeds don't like...and I get crushed into smithereens by them for the favour...and then they destroy my house...woe is me..."

Just another point of view :D

Mrs. McDreamy said...

I will destroy a spider's house if it is in or around my house. We need our space and there is nothing worse than the feeling of a spider crawling on you when you are half asleep.

Alice said...

Why are you getting into a car in the middle of the night? Maybe that is where the spiderweb problem stems... not the parking too close. (Close parkers are good! No wasted space!)

Marc said...

Verniciousknids... er... okay.

McDreamy... you speak as though from experience, no?

Alice... should she have taken a cab?

melbo said...

All this spider in the bed talk is giving me the creeps. I'm already afraid they'll crawl in my ears and nose at night; I certainly don't need more to worry about.

Vern, it might make you feel a little better to know that I never kill spiders outside. Inside is my turf, though. (Please refer to opening sentence.)

You have a point there, Mrs McD. You are just doing the same things spiders do, aren't you? Except... you don't eat them afterwards... I'm assuming.

And finally Alice, Kudos on your efficient use of space. Spoken like a true city girl!