November 23, 2007

I've Been Duped

A long time ago, I wanted to be a star and appeared in a pilot for a TV show. Before anyone gets impressed, let me set the record straight. My venture into the spotlight was not the glorious 15 minutes I'd hoped for. The show's producer approached me at a club (I know, red flag!) and I agreed to the gig thinking I'd be some sort of background dancer. When I showed up however, the "producer/director/writer" (yeah, ego much?) shoved me in front of the camera and said something to the effect of: "Okay, now talk about what we're doing, what the show is about and be charming!" Off the cuff and no rehearsals. Ever. Let's just say it took a while for me to stop staring at the camera lights like a frightened deer, and it took several more takes for me to stop saying “um...”.

So here's the premise: I was co-host with this other guy, let’s call him "Kelly", a pretty metro-sexual type who sold himself as a 'seasoned actor'. We would trek around town, hitting Salt Lake’s hot night spots and telling all the folks at home how sensational they were. To make a long story short, the producer was an inexperienced, egocentric control freak, his crew quit and the pilot didn't pick up. I really didn't mind too much. The finished product turned out pretty choppy and although I wasn't the worst actor in the crew, my performance was definitely rough. So no, you will never, ever see it.

I only tell this story to give you an idea of why I completely flipped this summer when I casually flipped on the TV before bed and caught the very beginning of a home improvement show on HGTV. The host had just finished telling the lovely couple about the dazzling improvements he had planned. He then turned to introduce his team of professionals and HERE is where all of my assumptions about home improvement shows were shattered. I KNEW CONTRACTOR #1! There was Kelly, his normally perfect hair slightly tussled, and dressed down from his collared shirt and Kenneth Cole shoes to faded jeans and a tool belt. As I watched him deliver his lines and smile while he slammed the hammer, I was beside myself. I always thought the people on screen actually did the construction, but this man was not the do-it-yourself type. I suppose I should have known better, but truth was, I'd been duped. Obviously, the "contractors" were pretty boys who were simply fed lines and filmed pounding a couple nails while the REAL men got to it next door. So now I wonder, who are those real guys that do the dirty work and why aren't THEY on camera? Because they're old, don't bleach their teeth or blow dry their hair? Sounds to me like an episode of This Old House… Okay, so even I wouldn't watch that, but I still don’t like the pretense, fellas.

November 14, 2007

cute, Cute, CUTE!

So I've been spending Marc's hard-earned money on shoes for Erich. I found this super cute site and ohmygawsh, you HAVE to check out my latest aquisitions:

Rileyroos Sportie in "Wahoo" and "Butterscotch"

They are freakin'
awesome. And even cuter in real life - if you can even believe it! Seriously, since I got them in the mail last week, Little E has worn these puppies everywhere. And they're more than just fashionable, when he wears them he can actually stand on his own for up to 15 seconds! Woo-hoo! (Bare-footed he still tries to walk tippytoed.) Also, just for fun I got a couple of these. Holy crap, my kid is so cute!

November 11, 2007

Gotta Love Lefties

If he keeps pulling off his left sock
does that mean he's left-handed?

wishful thinking...

November 9, 2007

A Little Peace'll Cost Ya

100 : Approximate # of times Jäger had the runs in the last 3 days

6 : # of times he didn't make it past the threshold

$210 : Ridiculous amount spent on the veterinarian visit

: Cost of one BadA** Jäger-can't-get-into-this-mother trash can (which, by the way looks AMAZING in our kitchen and increased the value of our home by an estimated 2%)

The price of a good nights sleep and coming home to poop-free floors : Priceless. Or $350. I still can't decide.